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Year 12 HSC 3U Maths EXT 1 Tutoring

Our Difference

Small Class. Same Price.

Single-Digit Student Classes

We know students are easily distracted and forgotten about in large classes, so we limit our classes to small, single-digit student numbers. Our average class size of 6 students support collaborative learning while simultaneously allowing you to receive the individual attention and care you need to succeed.

2 Hour Lessons

Through continuous feedback from our students, our lessons have undergone countless revisions to ensure that you are learning efficiently. We understand time is limited, so we make sure our lessons are worth your time and effort.

Tailored Learning

At Cognito, we adopt an interactive teaching approach that actively involves students in the learning process. Our tutors ask students questions throughout the lesson and offer continuous feedback to their responses to practice questions. This ensures that all students develop a deep understanding of the concepts rather than just memorising them.

Unmatched Resources

Each lesson, receive a printed booklet with colour-coded notes written by our subject specialists that comprehensively cover every dot point in the NESA syllabus. Our booklets are filled with unique HSC-style practice questions, homework and detailed solutions. We are proud to offer our students the best HSC notes in the industry.

HSC Maths Extension 1 Notes

Exceptional Teachers

We are honoured to have the best tutors in New South Wales on our team. From state rankers to top ATAR achievers, academic achievement is only the beginning. Our HSC Chemistry, Physics and Maths tutors are role models our students can turn to for advice, mentorship, and support.

Jason Lin

Jason Lin

UNSW Medicine
Rehan De Saram

Rehan De Saram

USYD Medicine
Rudy Chen

Rudy Chen

B. Sc. / USYD Medicine
Sean Wang

Sean Wang

B. Act. / Comp. Sci.

Proven Results

Since our inception in 2020, we've taught hundreds of students from dozens of different schools and their results speak for themselves. We've combined our knowledge and experience to deliver the best education.

median ATAR of our students
highest ATAR achieved
3U mathematics students achieved band 6

Ongoing Support

Weekly Tutorials

To supplement their learning, students can book up to 1 hour's worth of online tutorials each week. They can bring any questions they have, from our homework, or school and our brilliant teachers will guide them through. These tutorials are perfect for pre-exam preparation.

24/7 Online Support

Students are welcome to join our online Slack platform where they can ask questions 24/7! Our teachers will respond as soon as possible. Students can also ask for feedback on their responses and access exclusive resources such as past papers, worksheets and revision videos.

Workshops and Webinars

Throughout the year, in preparation for school assessments, we hold free workshops and webinars focusing on exam techniques as well as university related information such as degree selections, scholarships, medicine applications and more.

Study Space

Our newly renovated study space is available everyday during our opening hours (weekdays 4 pm – 8.30 pm, weekends 10 am – 5.30 pm). A great alternative to the library, students are welcome to come whether they have classes or not. Free wifi and snacks included!

Young male student with their back faced towards the viewer, sitting at a study pod studying at Cognito Tuition.

Course Schedule

Young tutor helping students study for HSC Physics and Chemistry at Cognito Tuition in a classroom.

Completely Tailored Schedule

Many schools complete the modules in a different order and have unique assessment schedules. We strive to have tailored classes that will follow your school's unique progression to ensure you always stay one step ahead! If you are joining mid-module or miss a lesson, we will always catch you up through lesson videos and tutorials.

Term 1

Standard Schedule

  • 25 September – 19 November
  • (First Week of School Holiday – School Term 4 Week 6)
  • This is our default schedule, and can be modified for each class!


1 Algebraic Introduction to Integration
2 Geometric Introduction to Integration
3 Reverse Chain Rule and Substitution
4 Geometric Properties of Integrals
5 Evaluating and Approximating Areas
6 Topic Enrichment
7 Topic Exam
8 The Fundamentals of Vectors

Term 2

Standard Schedule

  • 20 November  – 18 February
  • (School Term 4 Week 7 – School Term 1 Week 2)
  • This is our default schedule, and can be modified for each class!


1 Further Vector Operations
2 Summary Statistics and Pareto Charts
3 Histograms and Bivariate Data
4 Topic Enrichment
5 Topic Exam
6 Integration into Logarithms
7 Integration of Exponentials
8 Introduction to Trigonometric Integration

Term 3

Standard Schedule

  • 19 February  – 12 May
  • (School Term 1 Week 3 – School Term 2 Week 2)
  • This is our default schedule, and can be modified for each class!


1 Further Integration to Trigonometric Integration
2 Inverse Trigonometric Calculus
3 Topic Enrichment
4 Topic Exam
5 Volumes of Rotation
6 Differential Equations
7 Integration and Rates of Change
8 Further Growth and Decay

Term 4

Standard Schedule

  • 13 May – 14 July
  • (School Term 2 Week 3 – First Week of School Holiday)
  • This is our default schedule, and can be modified for each class!


1 Rectilinear Motion
2 Projectile Motion
3 Topic Enrichment
4 Topic Exam
5 Continuous Probability Distributions
6 The Normal Distribution
7 Topic Enrichment
8 Topic Exam

HSC Exam Preparation
Enrichment and Exams

Standard Schedule

  • 15 July – 22 September
  • (Second Week of School Holiday – School Term 3 Week 9)
icon of paper with writing on it and a tick next to it

5 Enrichment Lessons

Each 2-hour enrichment lesson revises difficult content from previous modules. In each tailored booklet, students will attempt a comprehensive set of problems targeting the key question styles in exams, under the guidance of their tutor. These enrichment sessions are designed to assist students in closing gaps in their understanding and boosting their exam skills to maximise their marks.

4 Trial / HSC Mock Exams

Each 3-hour mock exam has been crafted by our team to perfectly mimic the style and difficulty of the HSC. Every exam you sit will be carefully marked by our talented team of tutors.

In addition, teachers who have achieved the highest marks in NSW will share their study secrets and exam techniques to help you follow in their footsteps and conquer the HSC!

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University & Scholarships

Cognito teachers who are studying in fields including medicine, science, engineering, business and law will share unique insights and provide invaluable scholarship tips.


$1048 per 8-lesson Cognito term

  • 4 Cognito terms in Year 12
  • 1 Cognito term of HSC Preparation
  • $0 enrolment fee
  • Split payment options available
  • Enrolments in the middle of the term are encouraged and charged at a prorated rate
  • Multiple Subject Discount, Sibling Discount and financial assistance are available
HSC Chemistry Tutoring Notes


  • 2 hour weekly lesson
  • Flexibility with joining classes in person or online
  • Comprehensive lesson notes and homework with worked solutions
  • End-of-module exams with a detailed post-exam breakdown
  • Detailed quizes & exam analytics

Bonus Services

  • 1 hour of online tutorials each week via Zoom
  • 24 / 7 online platform access to the questions help forum
  • Live webinars for exam preparation, revisions, scholarship and medicine applications
  • Additional guidance and support tailored to your needs