Our Difference

Two HSC tutors looking at notes together at Cognito Tuition

Our values

At Cognito, we prioritise the quality of education for our students above all else. We believe in providing a personalised approach and limit our class sizes to small, single-digit student numbers – with an average of 6 students in each class. Our goal is to genuinely help our students succeed, not to profit at their expense.

But how do we do it?

Small Class.
Same Price.

We know students are easily distracted and forgotten about in large classes, so our classes have an average of 6 students. Small groups support collaborative learning while simultaneously allowing you to receive individual attention and care you need to succeed.

Unmatched Resources

Each lesson, receive a printed booklet with colour-coded notes written by our subject specialists that comprehensively cover every dot point in the NESA syllabus. Our booklets are filled with unique HSC-style practice questions, homework and detailed solutions. We are proud to offer our students the best resources in the industry.

HSC Chemistry Tutoring Notes

Exceptional Teachers

We are honoured to have the best teachers in New South Wales on our team. From state rankers to top ATAR achievers, academic achievement is only the beginning. Our teachers are role models our students can turn to for advice, mentorship, and support.

Proven Results

Since our inception in 2020, we've taught hundreds of students from dozens of different schools and their results speak for themselves. We've combined our knowledge and experience to deliver the best education.

Young tutor teaching two students from a lesson booklet at Cognito Tuition.

Ongoing Support

Weekly tutorials, 24/7 online assistance, complimentary revision workshops and scholarship webinars are just some of the things we do our best to provide students continual support in all aspects of their schooling life.

Cognito Tuition teacher tutoring an HSC student